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Our Immediate Families

Family visited us the winter of 2010-11. This couisn is Curtis Purdy and his wife Carol. They are residents of Idaho and are motorcycle enthusiasts.

Grandson Cody and his pal, photo taken Christmas day 2009

Pictured above are left to right: Tommer Arbuckle, Jill Thompson, Scott Courcelle, Lindsay Arbuckle, Randi Arbuckle (Judy's sister) and Tom Arbuckle. Picture taken January 2011 in Austin, Texas. Again double click on the picture to enlarge it.

Cousin Patti, her husband Rick and their family. . . 2009, you may have to double click on the picture to see them clearly.

Grandson Zak Stein, son of our son Timothy, He is a high school senior at Hudsons Bay in Vancouver, Washington. 09/2009

Cousin Laurie and her husband Tim Johnston . . . pictured in LA on a 2010 vacation.

Sister Randi & Tom Arbuckle during their visit at the condo in Vancouver, July 2009.

Niece Megan and her friend Justin.............on the Karas Lake in St Helens, Oregon. We believe he was in town for a week away from the Idaho farm.

This is the Driscoll family in Idaho. It is Hailey, dad Richard, Cherish, mom Racheal, and Aspen. Racheal is a second cousin, the daughter of Rick and Patti Moss.

Nephew Terry Urban on top of Mt St. Helens.......a hiking day with friends -2009.

Cousin Amanda and her boyfriend Keith, photo taken on their trek up Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in Northern Africa in the summer of 2010.

Daughter Kim and her husband Rusty Whiddon in front of The NEW YORK NEW YORK Hotel in Las Vegas, taken 1-11-10. They live in Lakeland, Fl.

The Arbuckles, thats Tom, Randi, Lindsey, and Tommer . . . . . 2010.

Bertie and Jay Brown, cousins who live in Washougal.

Cousin Bridgette Leach and her husband Jim, they live in Emmett, Idaho. Summer 2010.

This is our Grand-daughter Haley Baldridge with her date for Homecoming 2010. She lives in Missouri.

Yes, it's Reva and friends getting into the ships party feel. 2008 Panama Canal Cruise.

Sister and brother-in-law Richard and Kenda Neves visiting our home in Arizona, Christmas 2006. I'd have flight instruction lessons from Richard if they weren't so expensive and I lived closer.

Pictured are Tammy Jo and Juan. Tammy is our niece and daughter of Dianna Leise Schreiber, sister of Judy.

Here are a couple of good looking girls. Our greatniece's who live in Green Bay. They are Ashley and Jordan, daughters of Tammy Jo, and grand-daughters of Dianna Leise Schreiber.

Pictured here is grand-daughter Susie with her boyfriend Kiefer. . taken just before a school dance.

The Leise Girls (Judy, Dianna, Randi, & Kenda) as our reps in an Olympic Synchronized Something. This was in Phoenix the summer of 2006.

October 2008, the grandkids in Missouri lookin good during our visit. Grown up are Haley 8th grade, Chase a high school senior, and Emma in the 6th grade. Brother Cody is away in College.

Wayne and Randi at play (volleyball) in our pool in Arizona . . . spring 2008.

Reva's birthday bash of 2008. From left around the table Clancy, Reva, Gloria, Kenda, Judy, Shirley, and Randi

Dianna, Kenda, Mom, and Judy .........somewhere off the coast of Central America, 2008.

Pictured are Paige 2002, Clint 1977, Addy 2004, and Jenny 1977. . . . Our neice Jenny is the daughter of Kenda Leise Neves. Now,there is a new brother Ty.

At Graduation 2007.......appearing are nephew Mike (a star football player at Ridgefield HS), Rhonda (sister of Wayne), niece Megan (Meg now attends the U of Idaho), and John Karas (He is a bigbig shot)

And at Mikes Graduation, two years later in 2009. Rhonda and John will be empty nesters come this fall.

Amanda and Keith at the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania during the summer or 2010. Double click on the picture and you can read the destination sign.

Two party girls, Judy and Kenda, somewhere in the Panama Canal in 2008.

Pictured here on their visit to Washington during the summer of 2010. Daughter Tammy and her two daughters Haley and Emma.

Right are nephew Tommer Arbuckle and his girlfriend Jill. Both are Chiropractors in California/Texas. Tommer is the son of Randi Leise Arbuckle. (J)

Niece Lindsay and her boyfriend Scott near their home in Vermont. She is the daughter of Judy's sister Randi.

October 2008, visiting daughter Tammy in Missouri. . . . and that is grandson Chase lurking in the background. He was being our Halloween guy, BOO.

Left is Alex, Jaxson, mom Staci, dad John and Jillian, the Orr Family. They live in Pocatello, Idaho. Our neice Staci is the daughter of Kenda Leise Neves.

Waynes mom's 90th birthday..........September 2007. Rose, sisters Lavonne Urban and Rhonda Karas.

Special Leach cousins shown here as the three of us roamed Europe. Seen here in front of the palace in London, are: Elaine Field and Demma Coats, daughters of Uncle Frank and Aunt Tilly Leach. It was a special trip for me. (W)

Picture of the Leise girls from long, long, long ago. (J)

Nephew 'Dickie' Dean Schreiber, son of sister Diana.

Pictured are Cory 2000, Jordan 1991, and Ashlee 1989, Grandchildren of Dianna Leise Schreiber.

Mr & Mrs Cool-Richard and Kenda Neves at the end of the evening.......New Years eve 2009.

L to R: John Urban, Lavonne, Rose (Mom), Wayne, Judy, and Terry, Leach family reunion in Kamiah, Idaho the summer of 2008

Son Tim and his son Zack. . . . graduation June 2010.

A formal setting on the 2008 Cruise, L to R: Judy, Kenda, Dianna, and in front mom Reva. (J)

Wayne with his older sister Lavonne at the family reunion in Kamiah, Idaho 2008.

Pictured are Dick Schreiber b:1964 and his wife Angie. Dick is the son of Dianna Leise Schreiber. (J)

Judy's mom Reva's birthday 2007, Sutherlin, Oregon. Here a young 87. She passed away in September 2010. (J)

Summer 2006, the girls holiday week. Pictured L to R: Dianna, Reva (Mom), Kenda, Randi, and Judy.

Waynes much older sister Lavonne and her husband John Urban. Taken at her 67th birthday party in 2007. Photo was taken at his much younger sister Rhondas house.

Yes, in the Panama Canal it was 100 degrees, the humidity was 100, and it was pouring down rain. Looks like Kenda and Judy didn't mind.

Oh my word can Kenda and Judy party when they get aboard a ship.

At a Family party, from the left: Cousins Mary Shannon and Gloria. That is mother Rose in the middle loving every minute of the nieces attention.

Cousin Dale Leach and his wife Rose . . . . they live in Boise Idaho.

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