Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lots & Lots & Lots of Friends

Friends also our Kamiah neighbors John & Cheri Rommell - 2011xxxxx From Vancouver comes these Grenfell friends. From the left are: Jeron, Tristian, Jeron II, Adrianne, Calen, gramps/dad Jim, grams/mom Marilyn, baby Bailey, Natalie, and Joe (a boyfriend). Tal & Carol Godding, friends visiting Arizona. They live in Wa.

This is Rod & Donna Hennig, Oct 2009 in a cafe on our trip to Cape Cod. Friends from both Washington and Arizona. xxxxx Five beautiful women from the CCS CareSquare, AH! taken the first part of May 2010 pictured l to r: Susie Clark, Vicki Hoenisch, Judy, Joan Hart, and Donna Hennig xxxxx Bob & Mary Reed, friends out of Southern Oregon. xxxxx Redmond, Washington friends, they are Loraine & Dave Grover xxxxx Friend and former co-worker Connie Guentner came to visit us in Arizona during March 2010. Shown to the left in the desert outside of Wickenberg.xxxxx These are friends from Washington, shown here at his birthday party. They are Randy and Sharon Conrad. Nov 2009.xxxxx Ah, having good food are these fun friends who live all over the west coast........they are Gene and Gayle Albright. McWilliams, Janis & Dave good friends from Puyallup we met for dinner one evening in New England where we both were vacationing Oct. 09. xxxxx Our friends from Missoula, Montana. Pictured here in 2009 are Helen & Dick Wilder. xxxxx Our friend and neighbor (and single) who lives down around the corner in our Vancouver Condo. . . . this fellow is Terry Hanafin. Our friends and neighbors in Kamiah, Idaho, they are Kathy and Jim Judd. Their regular home is in Lewiston, Idaho. xxxxx This gentlemen is Tommy Holleman, our boss and friend at the baseball Stadium. We call it working for the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers. (Tom, very funny, this picture just appeared on our camera one day)xxxxx Happy friends here are Marian & Ori Margalit, taken in Israel Oct. 09 xxxxx Pictured here are Joan and Bob Hart, they are church friends from Arizona. Full time Arizona residents. Church friends from Arizona, they also have a summer home in Idaho. They are Ben and Kathy Hammett.......... photographed here in 2009 xxxxxAnd from Whidbey Island, Washington, here's our good friends Cheryl and Pastor Ron Lawler. Pastor Ron married us. One of Gramma Judy's bonus grandkids, Demetri. He plays lots of baseball in Renton. xxxxx Friends Betty and Bob Brown who live in Olympia, Washington. They sure enjoyed their visit to the islands of Hawaii. xxxxx Our good friends Tom and Betty. The Wojdyla's are our neighbors in Kamiah. Is it happy hour yet, it must be 5 o'clock somewhere, Party Party ? xxxxx Our first visitors during the winter season 2008/9, are friends Richard and Darlene Fink. They were staying in Palm Springs and came over to our place in Arizona for lunch. Neighbors Richard and Darlene have a condo near ours in Vancouver. Fuzzy and Ginny, our good friends from Vancouver and Surprise. They live across the street from us in our Washington condo and just down the street a bit in Arizona. We've had lots of good times at water volleyball, golf, pickleball, and cards. Fuzz is the one who sold us on spending our winters in the Southwest. Bill and Doreen Beazley, these good friends from both Washington and Arizona. Dr Bill enjoys a tease now and again. Ah, Karen and Butch Cunningham, our great friends we first met in Arizona. They've been married just 50 years and are shown here at their home on Ponderosa Lake near Des Moines, Iowa. We had a wonderful time there visiting in the Fall of 2008. xxxxx We were to Gary and Gail Leaderbrand's wedding held in Branson, Mo. . . . at the Chateau On The Lake. Shown here with their combined families and the lady minister. We met these friends on a vacation in Cabo, Mx. And in Mountain Home, Arkansas we've got friends: Connie and Vic Phelps. We visited there in the Ozarks during October 2008. Our good friends the Margalits, that's Ori, Marion, and their girls Abigail and Elanah. Marion is a best friend of our daughter Heather and we feel very close to her. Their sweet little girls refer to us as Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Judy. This family now resides in Israel. xxxxx Washington and Arizona long time good friends Jim and Barbara Sather............this once vacant lot now holds their beautiful new home near Redmond, Washington.

Our friends and neighbors in Arizona, Stan and Barbara Stabasefski panning for gold on our trip to Alaska. None of us got rich! We bought our Arizona home from Stan in January 2005 xxxxxI think the family pet is about to say something awful. Here kitty kitty !xxxxx

Our long time friend Shirley LeBlanc, the ultimate tourist, shown here when the three of us visited some Aztec ruins in Tulum, near Cancun, Mexico.xxxxx Neighbor friends from Renton. Rion, Amy, Madison, Lindsay, and Emily Rau. A family vacation in Hawaii. xxxxx The Santoni Family of Eilat, Israel. Pictured here l to r: Daughter Heather, son-in-law Isaac, Isaac's brother Rafi and sister-in-law Ranetta (their nephew Yuval and daughter Talia), Isaac's father and mother David and Rachael, Isaac's brother-in-law Dov and sister Mazal (with their daughter Yamit). . . . and of course the guys in front are our wonderful grandsons Nate and AJ. Isaacs dad David, died in March 2009.xxxxx Pictured here are friends Joan and Bob Hart. Full time Arizona residents. 2010 xxxxx 2010, The Grenfell's, that's Jim & and Marilyn. Friends who live in Vancouver. Wonderful daughter by friendship, this is Marion the mother of two small very cute girls. She, her husband, and the girls live just north of Tel Aviv in Israel. This picture was taken recently at a National Holiday Celebration 2010.xxxxx

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