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There is no separation or specific section related to any single family tree here in the Album. We have gathered a lot of old family pictures and display them here. The last comment on each picture line:(J) indicates Judys relationship-the Leise, Nannini, and Harris families; and (W) indicates Waynes relationship-the Lloyd, Leach, Reems, and Stein families.

Judy Leise Stein 1942-present, daughter of Robert Leise (re: Nannini) 1918-1987, and Reva Harris 1920-2010. (J)

Wayne Stein 1942-present, son of Lyle 1916, the son of John 1882, the son of George 1857, the son of John the immigrant 1827. (W)

My Grandpa John Stein (re:, John, George) photo taken near his garage in Vancouver, Washington. This John was the 3rd generation American.

Wedding picture March 10, 1941, Bride Reva Harris 1920-2010 and groom Robert Leise 1918-1987(he was adopted re: Armondo Nannini). Attendants are Sylvia Kern and Ralph Neff, friends. (J)

Photo of Rose Leach Stein and Lyle Stein. Photo was taken, July 4th, 1937, along the Columbia River on their way to the coast. (W)

Judy at about the age of 3 1/2. . . her dads favorite picture that he carried around in his wallet.

Photo taken about the turn of the century. Back row: John Rice ?, P Jefferies ?, John Stein 1882-1965, S Burke ?, Henry Stein 1889-1971, Roy Reems 1893-1950. Front row: Emma Reems Stein 1879-1967 (second from the right), others pictured are Maude Rice ?, Vera Davis, Idaha Davis, Millie Reems, Mary Etta Reems, and Mable Reems. (W)

William Harris 1881-1977, and his wife Elva. William is the father of Reva Harris Leise-mother of Judy Leise Stein. (J)

Celebration party of 50 years of wedded bliss. From left: Blair, daughter Dina, dad Dean Harris (Judy's cousin), mom Carolyn, daughter Roxanne, Jim, Kim, and son Brent. Dean is the son of Don Harris 1903-1967 (brother of Reva Harris), and grandson of William Harris 1881-1977. (J)

Pearl Kramer, mother of Reva Harris Leise and grandmother of Judy. Age estimated to be about three years of age.

Rose Leach Stein and her baby sister Zella Leach Foster. This photo was is in front of their grandparents Lloyd's house in Poplar, Montana. Taken in the fall of 1920 (W)

Judy as a youngster in Alaska, bundled against the elements.

Stein Family cousins, front row l to r: David Stein, Virginia Stein. Back row l to r: Wayne Stein, Evelyn Harley, Cheryl Griffith, Rhonda Karas, Sandra Ryan, Lavonne Urban, Nancy Biggs, and Steven Wentworth. Photo was taken in July 2001. (W)

Shown with a family pet are Randi Leise Arbuckle, her son Tommer and daughter Lindsay. (J)

The children of John and Emma Stein. Pictured left to right: Lynn Simon 1916-2002, twin brother Lyle Samuel 1916-1992, Lucille (Wentworth) 1920-2010, Glenn Pressley 1912-2002, Laurence John 1911-2000. (W)

The teenage Reva Harris Leise 1920-2010. She remembers this bright red dress.(J)

Heather D Stein 1972-present and her husband Itzhac (Isaac) Santoni 1970-present. Heather is the daughter of Wayne. Isaac, Heather and their two sons are residents of Israel. (W)

Joe and Maria Reems girls l to r, back row: Alwilda (McKinley) 1882-1968; Mable (Davis) 1888-1960. front row: Millie (Beck) 1891-?; Emma (Stein) 1879-1967; Mary Etta (Hayes) 1885-1973. (W)

Newspaper article from The Columbian on the 60th anniversary of Laurence 1911-2000 and his wife Isabel Hood 1906-2005. (W)

Photo of Reva Harris 1920-2010 and her husband Bob Leise 1918-1987 (Re. Armondo Nannini). (J)

Sarah Simmons 1837-1924 and husband Ambrose Leach 1835-1899. (W)

The John Collins family. Clara is the daughter of Robert Leise's adopted sister Ida. (J)

Rose Leach Stein 1917-present and husband Lyle Stein 1916-1992, with their daughter Rozena Lavonne 1940-present. Lavonne as she is known is the oldest of the siblings.

Russell and Gloria Schott family. From the left: are their son Dr Jonathan Schott, his wife Dawn; father Russell and mother Gloria Foster Schott (she is the daughter of Zella Leach Foster, daughter of Charles Leach and Zula Lloyd); and their son Stephen Schott, his wife Fawn. (W)

The children of George Lloyd and Emmer Denniston, from left back Zina 1878-1911, Zula 1880-1966, left front Goy 1885-1926, Zema 1894-1926 , Zora 1888-1919. (W)

Photo at the right is of Emma Reems 1879-1967 and John Stein 1882-1965. This photo is considered their wedding picture. (W)

Reva Harris Leise 1920-2010 with daughter Judy Leise Stein 1942-present. (J)

Children of Charles and Zula Leach, left is George 1901-1975 and right is Thomas (Art) 1902-1965. (W)

The Robert Leise family: From left Dianna 1943-present, Judy 1942-present, mother Reva 1920-2010, father Bob 1918-1987, Randi 1949-present, and Kenda 1945-present. Photo was taken in Juneau, Alaska in 1952. (J)

Pictured in front of the John Stein home in Anoka Mn are from left Ellen Swain Stein 1862-1945, second wife of George; Donald 1905-1984, Gertrude Steele Stein Adams 1831-1919 wife of the immigrant John (known as Grandma Gerte), and Kate Stein 1883-1920. Oh, and that must be a family pet. (W)

Wedding picture of John Ayers and Emma Reems, 1879-1967. Back row are from left: Vinton Ayers, Alwilda Reems 1882-1968, Alfred Reems 1874-1963, and Zella Ayers. (W)

School age Leise girls at home in Alaska. They are l to r: Dianna Leise 1943-present, Judith 1942-present, and Kenda 1945-present. (J)

Pictured are Harry Leach 1881-1965 and Charles Leach 1878-1953. (W)

Shown in this photo are Zula Lloyd Leach 1880-1966, with her children from left George 1901-1975, Edgar 1906-1994, Mirla 1909-1940 and Thomas (Art) 1902-1965. (W)

George Clay Lloyd 1854-1924. (W)

Senior Leise sister is Judy 1942-present, Dianna 1943-present, Kenda 1945-present, and baby sister Randi 1949-present. (J)

George Stein 1857-1925 and second wife Ellen Murphy Swain 1862-1945 with his children (most from his first marriage). From the back left: Kate 1883-1920, John 1882-1965, William 1885-1968, Beth (her daughter from a previous marriage). Front row from the left:, Charles 1894-1935, (Mother/Step Ellen), Anna 1891-unknown, Lillian 1899-1985, Henry 1889-1971, (Father George), Louis 1896-1954. Not pictured is Donald 1905-1984. (W)

Picture taken in 2008 in Kamiah, Idaho of the 7 children of Edgar Leach. Some of these cousins are shown with their spouses l to r: Mary Shannon, Ruth, Mike, Sara, Pat, Larry, Harvey, Zinona, Stan, Bonnie, Carol, and Kelley.

Baby Laurence 1911-2000, with older brother George (Clarence) 1909-1969, children of John Stein and Emma Reems. (W)

Joseph Reems Family Back row from the left: William S 1876-1942, Alfred J 1874-1963, Alwilda L 1882-1968 Emma N 1879-1967, Mary E (Etta) 1885-1973, front row from left: Joseph A (Father) 1849-1930, Mable B 1888-1960, Leroy M 1893-1950, Millie J 1891-1978, Mary A Rychner (Mother)1855-1907. (W)

Judy's mother Reva Harris 1920-2010. Picture taken at the tender age of 6 months. (J)

Picture of Andrew Denniston 1829-1927 and his wife Debora Savage 1829-1910. (W)

Wedding picture of Charles Leach 1878-1953 and Zula Lloyd 1880-1966. This wedding photo was taken in 1899. (W)

The Robert Leise Family of girls. Back row: Judy 1942-present; Dianna 1943-present; Kenda, 1945-present. Front row: Randi 1949-present; father Bob 1918-1987; mother Reva Harris Leise 1920-2010. (J)

Pictured here is the Gardner family. . . . daughter Naomi, her husband Michael and their three children Dexter, Franny, and Reilly. (J-2009)

Photo to the right is of Rose Leach Stein and Lyle Stein, taken at Multnomah Falls Oregon, in the late 1930's. (W)

Pictured are Wayne and Judy Leise Stein, Randi Leise Arbuckle, Kenda Leise Neves and Richard.

The chicken coope' as it looks today, August 2009, located on the Edgar Leach, Zula Lloyd Leach, and Zinona Leach Hough land above Kamiah, Idaho. W

This photo is of the home of Zula Lloyd Leach during the 1950's and 60's. It has been remodeled (siding & metal roof) to this state by Mike Leach son of Edgar and Marjory Leach. Photo taken August 2009.

This photo is a sign honoring Aunt Margaret Leach's (Thomas Arthur Leach) goat farm on the hill above Kamiah, Idaho. The next photo is the remains of her home ? W

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