Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Number 67 - February 2009

On this day we celebrated the birthdays of Butch Cunningham and Judy. Butch was told to be 48 years young because we were once again celebrating Judy's 49th. We had the party for 70 of our good friends from Sun Village in Arizona on a beautiful balmy day in the SW.

We hosted the party and had loads of help from our Chefs.

The pictures below are just a few candid shots of some of our friends who honored us by coming to the celebration. Sure was a partying group, who mostly knew one another. I think all enjoyed their times sharing.

Our good friends and caterer's. Chefs Rae and Charles Lee. We first met them working together at the Cardinals Stadium.

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Nanny said...

Happy Birthday Judy! Exactly what day is your birthday? I turned 50 on the 7th! Woo Hoo!!!