Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Wedding Day

The event was held on Lake Washington, on the ship Argosy out of Kirkland, Washington. Married July 16th, 2005.

These two pictures taken the nite before the wedding after a rehersal of sorts. Pizza anyone ?

Here we are . . . . getting it on, aweing our grandkids we think.

OK, here is our wedding party. 15 of our 16 grandchildren. Don't ya think they all look swell. We are proud of and love each and every one of these wonderful-charming-perfect kids. How lucky we are being their grandparents. Did you know you can double click on the photo and 'wow it gets bigger'.

Then there was us. We had a hundred of our friends and family spend the special evening with us. We ate, we danced, we visited and generally socialized with great company.

Judy and her Mom Reva sharing a moment during the event.

Wayne's mom celebrated us..............finally he's married !

Daughter Naomi with her husband Michael with Judy's son Jeff. A chance that all the children got to meet and visit with one another.

Judys new sister-in-laws, Rhonda Karas and Lavonne Urban.

Niece Lindsey, Nephew Tommer, with their mother Randi Arbuckle (Judys youngest sister).

Son Tim, dancing with his Gramma Rose.

A difficult reflective moment with my new daughters Bridget and Kim. They were really missing their dad, Paul.

A lot has changed since 2005. Haley, Emma, and Zak.

Getting a bit late, is it bed time yet ?

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