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If you are my first cousin, you will need to add 2 to the ‘generations’ below. For instance, I am the Great-Great-Grandson of the immigrant John Stein, 5th generation born in America. Our Grandfather, John W. Stein, was the Grandson of the immigrant. My 3rd Great-Grandfather’s immigration manifest, which I am lucky to have a copy of, is shown as May 17, 1854. Tracing further back on John the Immigrant has proven to be very difficult, including my visit to the city in Germany where I understand he was born and raised . The Reems family data is very extensive and further research is ongoing; and, it includes the variations in the spelling of the name over the generations, including Reem, Reams, Rehiem, Reheims, etc..

Stein and related research covered 3 generations, abt 1827 (I and my first cousins would add 2 to the generations here as you would to any of the families listed. Our grandchildren listed in these pages become the 7th generation.).
Reems and related research covered 20 generations, abt 1299

I have no information in reference to the immigrant-Leach on the Leach/Lloyd family; however, I was privy to having in my possession, at one time, the diary kept by Fredric Lloyd as he traveled to America, before 1837. Therefore, if you are my Leach/Lloyd family first cousin, this immigrant would be your 3rd Great-Grandfather and you are the 5th generation born in American in line. Of course again, you will also need to add 2 ‘generations’ below.

Leach and related research covered 15 generations, abt 1480
Lloyd and related research covered 18 generations, abt 1386

If you have any questions about all these family records or where you might fit into the history of the family, please contact me:
WayneAStein@AOL.COM. These family records are constantly being updated and will be updated here as new or changed information becomes available. There is also some limited information available on the families of my cousins and their parents. Again you will need to contact me in regards to those individual reports (they would be similar to the one on this website entitled: The Lyle Stein Family History). You might find some misspelled words and/or date errors on occasion, I have entrusted quite a bit to the software I used to create these documents. I hope you enjoy your journey through these records as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together.

We have just recently added some history about the Nannini, Leise, and Harris familys. The information is very limited and we call it a 'work in process'. Any additions or directions that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Further, in addition to Wayne's email address you may wish to send to Judy's, her's is JIP0890@AOL.COM.

We are in the process of putting together a photo album for this site which will include a lot of old family photos. It includes pictures from all branches of our family, including our very own. You will find the History of the Family Picture Album under the month of October-click on that carat.

Wayne and Judy Stein, Aug 20, 2008

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I just sent both you and your wife an email because I believe I am related to your family. Please check your Spam for "" if you don't receive it.

I hope both of you are in good health. I suspect we are around the same age.

Sharon Kay (Hull) Livny